Bananas –Chris Phan [Flickr: functoruser]

Avocados – Olle Svensson [Flickr: ollesvensson]

Beaufighter – Daniel Cox [Flickr: Daniel Cox at Studiocox]

Bat Pollination – Marlon Machado [Flickr: Marlon Machado]

Beer –Lindsey G [Flickr: Lindsey Gira]

Bounty – Mark Seymour [Flickr: mark.seymour]

Gooseberries – fsse8info [Flickr: fsse8info]

Grapefruit – Duncan Hull – [Flickr: dullhunk]

Iquitos – [Flickr: inyucho]

Mayan Carving – Richard Martin [Flickr: L. Richard Martin, Jr.]

Papaya – Janine [Flickr: nemuneko.jc]

Rhubarb – [Flickr: Gibby’s Garden]

Strawberries – [Flickr: Andrew Michaels]

Sugarcane – [Flickr: tinyfroglet]

Figs – Richard North [Flickr: richard_north]

Camellia Flower – Paul Joseph [Flickr: sashafatcat]

Coffee Story – Sarah Browning [Flickr: sarah_browning]

Vanilla potions – [Flickr: Rob Young]

Runner beans – [Flickr: Eugenia Loli]

Pompeii – Lau Svensson [Flickr: lau.svensson]

Poison arrow – Institute for the Study of the Ancient World [Flickr: isawnyu]

Coconut seeds – Nicholas Doumani [Flickr: Nicholas Doumani]

Saffron – [Flickr: Guillaume Paumier]

Buckingham Palace – Jimmy Harris [Flickr: jimmyharris]

Wheat – David Wright [Flickr: D H Wright]

Mace and Nutmeg – Harvey Barrison [Flickr: HBarrison]

Cashews – [Flickr: Razor512]

Wild cabbage – [Flickr: tiff85]

Monkey Puzzle – [Flickr: Derrick Coetzee]

Famine – William Murphy [Flickr: infomatique]

Cranberry – William S. Soule [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Huckleberries – [Flickr: Normadic Lass]

Rye Bread – [Flickr: Dvortygirl]

Aspirin – Open Knowledge Foundation [Flickr: okfn]

Iroquois Flag – Wikimedia Commons

Zeus – [Flickr: dynamosquito]

Peanuts – [Flickr: uacescomm]

American Independence – John Trumbull [Wikimedia commons]

American Indian pipe – By Clark Wissler (The American Indian) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Peppers – via Wikimedia Commons


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