The Nature of Crops

Dear Blog readers,
I have just finished the text of a book based on these random ramblings about crops. The book called “The Nature of Crops” is going to be published by the nice people at CABI

You can pre-order the book via at 10% discount. Its also available via Amazon.
This book is much more than just a collection of these posts. They have been assembled, changed and added to in attempt to answer the question – why do we eat less than 1% of all the plants on earth?
There will be further post, but I hope you look forwards to reading the book when it’s published. I certainly have enjoyed writing it.

what the reviewers think:

“Written by a natural story-teller, this book is a ‘must’ – a very readable book, packed with interesting and useful information, exploring and clearly explaining the cool science behind the development of the plants that sustain us.” Dr Tim Pettitt, Eden Project

“This book is a journey of discovery – Astute, funny and eye-opening, it is essential reading for serious plant geeks and curious foodies alike.” James Wong, Ethno-botanist and Broadcaster

“John Warren tells astonishing stories in this book – often funny, sometimes alarming, and always riveting.” Dr Peter Wakelin, Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales

“This well-researched and engagingly written book takes us on a fascinating journey… It provides new insights into the process of crop domestication and reveals much about why we eat the plants that we do.” Dr Colin Clubbe, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

“This book is a fun and informative romp through the history of our favourite crops but it has an important message – is our diet sustainable? It’s high time to look at the history of our current crops and to consider our food supply for the future.” Dr Natasha de Vere, National Botanic Garden of Wales

All the best


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